The Hero’s Journey Narrative

The most compelling narratives around the world follow a common format - ‘The Hero’s Journey’

The Hero - a normal person who is experiencing the trials and tribulations of everyday life. The hero then receives a call to adventure - a challenge, quest, or responsibility that requires them to rise above their normal existence and hone their skills and abilities in order to prevail.

When the hero accepts the call, they depart their normal experience and enter into a world of uncertainty and adventure. A series of remarkable experiences initiates them into this new world, and the hero undergoes many trials and learns many secrets in the pursuit of ultimate success.

After persevering in the face of adversity, the hero then returns to the normal world with new knowledge, wisdom, or power that they share with all the people.

In return the hero receives the respect and admiration of all.

Your customers want to be Heroes. They want to be reposted and admired by all, to be powerful, successful and determined in the face of adversity.